President & Founder, Quantum Jujitsu® Foundation


Sensei Jeremy Corbell is a professional martial arts, yoga, and massage instructor with over twenty years of experience. He often lectures, instructs seminars, and gives demonstrations at a variety of universities and educational facilities worldwide. Corbell has a large student base and has been featured in several media outlets for his contribution to the world of martial athletics and the healing arts. A high-ranking black belt of jujitsu and renowned yoga instructor, Corbell is the voice of a younger generation of inspirational teachers.

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Corbell also created and manages a unique yoga curriculum designed to provide training for at-risk-youth, which includes an award winning Juvenile Hall yoga program that incorporates his philosophy of meaningful living along with the practical instruction of yoga. Following discharge from Juvenile Hall, students are offered continued instruction during and after their probation period.

As President and Founder of WARRIOR YOGA and the QUANTUM JUJITSU FOUNDATION, Corbell has written three books as well as develops and oversees the curriculum for his unique art forms worldwide: QUANTUM JUJITSU, WARRIOR YOGA and RESTORATION MASSAGE THERAPY. He has established a popular seminar circuit, through which he travels the globe in efforts to develop his craft, as well as share his passion for teaching.

Sensei Corbell is fortunate to have been personally trained by many of the world’s greatest masters. He has traveled for months at a time and immersed himself in rigorous mental and physical training. Sensei Corbell has a valuable message, and his life is his lesson.